New feature coming soon – Xopero Image Tool

Xopero Image Tool is the newest application in Xopero recovery toolbox. It is used to convert between multiple hard drive image formats – from RAW to VHD, VHDX or VMDK and back. Thanks to such conversion it is possible to… Continue Reading →

Why modern endpoint backup saves business

Backing up and protecting business data is a big deal in today’s corporate world. This is also a rising challenge due to employees mobility and data migration from data centers to endpoint devices. Yet many traditional backup solutions focus on… Continue Reading →

Data migration

All company IT systems sooner or later undergo modernization. Operational systems and data base versions change and business software evolves. Equipment and IT infrastructure are also upgraded from time to time. In connection with all these modifications it is sometimes… Continue Reading →

Mobile backup by Xopero Software

We are all aware of the fact that day by day, our smartphones are becoming a vast collection of data. Important documents, photos, passwords – losing them may cause a lot of damage – when it comes both to our… Continue Reading →

What you have to know about encryption

Basic task of backup is user data protection against failure, virus attack or accidental deleting of documents. It is performed by backup software, such as e.g. Xopero Backup & Restore. One question arises at this moment – how to protect… Continue Reading →

Xopero with first distribution in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, 1st April 2017. Gateway Computer Resources Limited (Gateway) has been appointed by Xopero as the distributor for Xopero backup solutions in Hong Kong.  

World Backup Day – Infographic

The Infographic >>>

Secure your data on World Backup Day

March 31st is World Backup Day – an independent initiative aiming at raising the awareness on backup and data protection. As nowadays, the knowledge concerning backup is still very limited, it is worth to have a closer look at this… Continue Reading →

Backup – How to protect ourselves

How to protect ourselves It can be seen that cybercriminals are motivated by money and all computer users, without any exceptions, are vulnerable. If you get attacked by a ransomware virus, first switch your computer off. Some malicious software first… Continue Reading →

Backup – a solution for ransomware

Malware, classified today as ransomware (combination of words ransom and software) became a widely discussed topic already a few years ago. In 2013, the most famous virus belonging to this category – CryptoLocker – allowed its creators to “earn” as… Continue Reading →

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